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Sharing the Load: Insights Gained in the Laundry Room

It was an early June morning and I was folding what felt like the 100th load of laundry since summer vacation had started.  I had been holding on to my anger, frustration, and overwhelm about managing the majority of household tasks for too long.  Maybe the Outdoor Fresh Bounce dryer sheets really had gone to my head but there in the...[ read more ]

Too Young to Remember? Understanding Implicit Memory

Have you ever heard someone say “Oh, don’t worry, she’s too young, she won’t remember”?  I’m guessing at some point during your life you have heard someone say it, or maybe you have said it yourself. Well, you can now hang up this saying and place it with the other old wives’ tales that we once told. We live in...[ read more ]

Gratitude in Meltdowns!?!

November is a month dedicated to giving thanks. As parents, it is easy to get stuck in the monotonous routines of school, homework, making dinner, doing laundry, afterschool activities, and the list goes on. Sometimes we forget to pause and reflect on the everyday ordinary moments. When our kids have meltdowns we often become frustrated, annoyed and sometimes we are...[ read more ]

Guiding the Sleigh for Blended Families

The holiday season is in full gear and staying present can be a challenge. For most families, this time of year typically means extra time with family and friends, extra sugar intake, extra money spent, and extra items on the to do list… the result? Extra stress. This is especially true for blended families – specifically the children who are...[ read more ]

Reframing Discipline

A common theme I see in my office is difficulty with discipline. Parents come in overwhelmed by certain behaviors and feel that no matter what they do, what they say, or what punishment they give – nothing seems to help. Let’s face it, hearing screams coming from the back of the house, siblings fighting, temper tantrums, kids not doing school work, and...[ read more ]

Summer Survival Strategies: Keeping your cool when things get hot: 5 Strategies to help you maximize your parenting potential this summer

I (Erin) have a confession to make, as summer approached I found myself pondering the following questions: How do I keep my children engaged and busy this summer? How can we make the most of the time we have together as a family? How do I keep my cool when I am feeling stressed out or overwhelmed? My guess is...[ read more ]

As Luck Would Have It

Going through the journey of parenting is an adventure. It is full of joys, surprises, hardship, challenges, love, and loneliness. Embarking on the journey of parenting for some of us a planned event and a dream come true, others a surprising turn in life. Either path or, somewhere in between, we start to lay down dreams, wishes, hopes, goals, thoughts,...[ read more ]

Discipline and Punishment

Discipline and punishment are often misunderstood terms that get used interchangeably when it comes to parenting. At Play Therapy i.n.c. we believe that every parent, teacher, caregiver, and therapist (basically anyone who takes on the role of helping shape the lives of our children) does the absolute best they can in any given moment. Which means that we are not...[ read more ]

Anxious Behaviors in Children

One of the most widely misunderstood and common challenge children experience is anxiety. This is also one of the most common symptoms we see children work though in Play Therapy. Understanding what anxiety is, what it looks like, and ways to help children move through anxious emotions and feelings can change everything. One of the reasons anxiety in children is misunderstood...[ read more ]

Emotions from the Inside Out

Everybody has emotions and feelings but not everybody feels or expresses their emotions. For many years, I thought that emotions and feelings were synonyms but they are in fact different. Feelings are defined as a physical state or reaction according to Webster dictionary ( Emotions on the other hand is how we are expressing the feelings we have. In fact,...[ read more ]

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