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Intensive Teletherapy “Sets”

At play Therapy Connection, in addition to traditional teletherapy, we offer a unique service for families: Intensive Teletherapy Sets.

What are Intensive Teletherapy Sets?

Intensive Teletherapy ‘sets’ are 8 online play therapy sessions completed at the rate of one or two sessions per week. Maria Arias specializes in play therapy with younger children: ages 3-9.  You can read specifically about her extensive experience and credentials here.

How does this work?

The initial call & intake
First, you and Maria will set up a free 20 minute video consultation to get to know you, your child, your family. Maria will ask you about what your greatest hope is for your child after completing the Intensive Teletherapy Set. Next, you’ll set up a 1.5 hour parent/caregiver-only video session with Maria to create a holistic care plan for your child. You will discuss the needed support and set goals so tracking progress is clear. There is also time allotted to answer all your questions and discuss any specifics that need to be addressed.
Ongoing involvement
Because parent and family involvement is so critical to this process, after every child session you will meet with Maria to discuss progress and ensure that your child is engaging and that goal are being met. Maria also offers parent coaching to accompany play therapy if you are looking for the most holistic approach.

What happens after 8 sessions?

After 8 session are completed, families will take a break for a few weeks in order to give you and your child time to integrate the work you’ve completed in therapy. If you wish to continue, your child can then return a few weeks or months after the first session. An advantage of this method is that you’ll have time to discuss if you are satisfied with the progress made and you’ll get a break in both schedule and expense.

Who does teletherapy work for?

Online therapy works for all types of challenges including attention issues, such as ADD & ADHD, anxiety, behavioral concerns and trauma healing. Maria is specialized in online play therapy and, having now conducted over 2,000 online sessions, she confidently reports that the same healing that occurs during in-person sessions is also occurring online!

What are the benefits of teletherapy?

In teletherapy, the child has the unique experience and benefit of being able to share their home, use their own toys, and share what is most important to them. Maria will also be able to give you specific insights as to how your home environment can best benefit you and your child. In addition, there is no travel time and online play therapy includes all the other benefits of play therapy including increased ability to self-regulate & manage stress, enhanced problem solving skills, increased ability to foster positive relationships, improved communication, decreased challenging behaviors, and increased self-confidence.

Ongoing Teletherapy

In addition, all of our play therapists offer telehealth sessions in addition to or to provide exclusively in place of in-person play therapy sessions. Each family is different. We encourage you to contact us about your specific situation so we can work together to come up with a healing plan that is right for you and your child.

We have also created a series of videos and a blog answering your most common questions around telehealth.

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