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Erin Bennetts

Erin is passionate about helping children and families increase their overall mental health and well-being by supporting foundational social emotional skills such asemotional identification, resolving challenges, self-regulation, communication, and relationship skills. These skills are essential for a solid foundation for you and your child as you navigate the challenging landscape of our modern world. Erin supports and helps your family discover ways to navigate life’s demands and challenges in a way that fits your specific lifestyle, values, and commitments.

As a wife, mom, business owner and mental health professional, Erin understands and resonates with the many challenges that parents face as they try to support their children. She understands the demands of balancing work, home life, and self-care.

Erin is a life-long learner and lover of education, training, and professional development. You’ll find her attending conferences, workshops, and participating in ongoing supervision to keep current on what is happening in mental health and early childhood development. Her specialties include: Early Childhood behavioral challenges (age 2-6), Sensory Processing and Integration challenges, Atypical neurodevelopment (Gifted and Talented, Autism Spectrum, Developmental delay) & Trauma. Erin is also trained in Level I and II EMDR. Erin is also founder of Erin Bennetts LLC.

Services: Play Therapy, Parent Coaching, Play Therapy Supervision, EMDR Therapy


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