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Therapist Support Group

Hi - Kelly Miller here! I would like to invite you to an intimate support group where I will support, guide and create space for you as life comes at us. In this group, you will have the opportunity to openly and authentically be held while we work and play through our own challenges within these topics.

Getting Older & Wiser

Embracing & Finding Joy

When we get Stuck

Adjusting when Values Change

Managing Unrealistic Demands

Valuing our Worth

Each group is limited to 6 members and includes 6 sessions. Every week there will be a brief check-in and an opportunity for each person to courageously explore their challenges and gifts. We will regulate, breath, learn and expand with each other. There is an optional WhatsApp feature for additional support throughout the week.  

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Who: Play therapists or those in the pediatric mental health field  (teachers, counselors, etc.) Location: Online via Zoom When: Friday's from 11am-12pm MST in Fall 2023

  • Friday, Sep 22
  • Friday, Sept 29
  • Friday, Oct 6
  • Friday, Oct 13
  • Friday, Oct 20
  • Friday, Oct 27

Cost: $200 USD (6 sessions at ~$33/per session) Benefit: Transcending from knowing the path to walking the path Registration Ends: September 18th Questions: Contact or sign up for email updates


Over the last two years we asked participants, "What is your favorite part about the group?"

"Being held by the group-given space to just be me"

"The depth of sharing and how it helps me reflect and prioritize myself."

"The support, connecting a single concept to one part of life that I can focus on that week."

"The safe, vulnerable, and transparent felt sense of the group- how everyone shared and supported one another unconditionally."

"The gentle energetic holding that Kelly offered to us, a space of safety and empathy"

"Exploring topics in real life with like minded peers"

"Dedicated time and space to reflect on my own journey, connection with others and Kelly's intentional facilitation and presence."

"The chosen topics forced me to think... in a good way" 

"Kelly's wisdom, and the group sharing."