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Parent Coaching

Several of our therapists offer parent coaching both separately or in conjunction with play therapy. These sessions can be offered over the phone, in person, or online. Contact us for more details on how to get started and feel free to read the descriptions below to find out who might be the best fit for your family.

Natalie Silver

"Parenting is the most rewarding, difficult job in the world. Your child(ren) are ever changing, wonderful humans who at times feel impossible to understand. I offer parent coaching alongside play therapy to allow space and time for caregivers to begin understanding the inner workings of their children while creating action plans for the entire family system. During parent coaching there is emphasis put on the relationship between caregivers and their child(ren), working to deepen it in a positive way while allowing the child space to find their voice and giving caregivers permission to set loving boundaries for a brighter future. The best part is the relationship that continues to blossom and grow between child and caregiver when the system feels balanced. Together we will work to discover caregiver values while creating a developmentally appropriate action plan for the child that aligns with those values. All families are worthy of experiencing a radical shift that includes better connection and all around confidence. Please reach out here to work with me." - Natalie

Aimee Hartwell

“I understand that being a parent or caregiver can be one of the most difficult jobs out there. Children present sometimes challenging and unexpected behaviors despite your best efforts. I offer a judgement free space for you to process what your child is communicating and support in navigating your child’s unique needs. My goal is to empower you in your parenting journey-you are the expert of your child. When I work with parents and caregivers, the goal is never perfection; the goal is to increase awareness, build a stronger relationship, and create a change in perspective. If you would like information on parent coaching, please reach out.” – Aimee

Lindsey Boland

“Parenting is hard! Admitting that things aren’t working or that you need additional support is tremendously brave. Parent engagement and willingness to try new things is pivotal in the play therapy process with your child. I offer ongoing parent and caregiver coaching throughout the parenting and/or play therapy process. The level of support is determined in collaboration between us and personalized to each family. Coaching is provided immediately following each session and can be given in person or over the phone. The level of support can always be adjusted or shifted.

I also provide a deep understanding of what feelings and challenges are being processed and explored in the play room and then discusses various responses or techniques to be implemented for that week. Some common topics that come up include nervous system regulation, the different parts of the brain, modeling co-regulation, reframing negative behaviors, setting developmentally appropriate expectations, improved communication skills, healthy boundaries, relationship rituals with your child, self-care, mindfulness techniques, issues related to divorce and co-parenting and many other topics.

You are the expert on your family! If you are interested in learning more about this process please contact me by using the contact us button below or click here.” – Lindsey

Ashley Sutherland

“As a parent or caregiver, your instinct is to help your child when you see them struggling. Sometimes, however, a child’s emotions and behavior might feel confusing, frustrating, or upsetting, and it can be difficult to know how to offer the support they need. I provide parent coaching at the end of every therapy session so that you’re able to regularly gain insights into your child’s inner world and discover how to confidently guide them through their challenges.

If you are wanting additional support outside of your child’s individual sessions, please contact me to discuss setting up sessions specifically for you, where you can explore parenting challenges, develop co-regulation strategies to use with your child, and learn about SPT concepts in more depth as they relate to parenting. Reach out and get the support you need by contacting me here.” – Ashley

Kelly Miller

“Kelly offers parent coaching to enhance the therapeutic process of children she is seeing individually for therapy. Any great amount of change within a family system takes time, work, and dedication. Kelly’s parent coaching involves a deeper understanding as to what your child is processing in the play room as well as psycho education to build new parenting skills. The goal of Kelly’s parent coaching is to help parents heal alongside their children. If you are an existing or new client interested in additional parent coaching please contact us by using the button below or click here.” – Kelly