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Adult/Teen Therapy


Navigating the adolescent and teen years is challenging for most. This is a time when teens are seeking independence, discovering themselves, the adult world, and are overwhelmed with how to navigate it all. If your adolescent or teen is struggling in relationship with peers, family, partners or if they are reporting or showing signs of anxiety, depression, difficulty in school, suicidality, or eating disorders please contact us. Kelly Miller, Aimee Hartwell and Ashley Sutherland offer a variety of techniques to help teens discover healing and find their authentic self.


Many people incorrectly assume that Play Therapy is just for children. However, both Kelly Miller and Natalie Silver utilize a variety of techniques including Synergetic Play Therapy, EMDR, and mindfulness to help adults find their true center. Whether you are wanting to process childhood trauma affecting your adult life or if you are on a quest to discover yourself and deep self-connection, we are here for you. Perhaps the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of knowing ourselves. Contact us today and start your journey towards healing.