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Holistic Connections

At Play Therapy Connection, total transformation requires looking into healing other areas of life that support, foster and align with the emotional healing done through play therapy. Your therapist may encourage you to connect with one or more of these providers or perhaps you are ready to add another support into you or your child’s life but don’t know where to start.

Below is a list of community providers that we work with both personally and professionally:

Integrative Health Practitioner

Taylor Francis, IHP

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, Taylor Francis offers personalized support through nutrition, lifestyle habits, and supplementation to naturally bring the body back into balance. The imbalances in our physical bodies can have a huge impact on our emotional and mental state. Taylor offers personalized nutrition and natural lifestyle plans for you and your families. Taylor helps families discover physical imbalances that can be at the root cause of emotional imbalances.


Nutrition via Analyzing Blood Work

Kelly Hess, CNC


My passion is helping people balance their body so they feel amazing. I do this through looking at blood work and testing hormones if needed. I look for the root cause of problem and work to correct it using food, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Blood work tells me a lot about a person and is a great place to start. Part of the analysis also includes a five-page questionnaire to look at symtomology. Life is a journey and I’d love to help you feel your best.

Holistic Health Coach

Katie Ulrich, HHC

Katie Ulrich is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Academy of Healing Nutrition. She aims to elevate her clients through education about the power of a whole foods diet and help guide them to learn which foods work best for their body and lifestyle. She teaches individuals to tune in and connect their body and mind. She also holds her 200-hour Yoga Certification from Yandara Yoga Institute and teaches people of all ages! Healing and nourishing oneself is a lifelong journey that Katie hopes to empower others to embrace with joy, ease, and compassion. She helps to integrate simple habits and shows clients that a healthy lifestyle is delicious, flexible, rejuvenating, and fun!

Chiropractic Services

Dr. Patti Gonzalez


Dr. Patti Gonzalez, D.C. is located in Southeast Denver and specializes in pediatric chiropractic care. Her passion for working with kids comes from seeing how quickly they respond and how they long they stay healthy compared to kids who are not adjusted! Dr. Gonzalez is certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and also has extensive experience in treating all members of the family. Dr. Gonzalez combines her knowledge of the nerve system and how the body functions, with nutrition, exercise and good supplementation to help families reach their full health potential.

Essential Oils

Dr. Missy Albrecht

High quality essential oils like DoTERRA are the perfect addition to your children’s life, supporting emotions, brain health, immunity, pain, sleep, digestion, etc. They are easily incorporated into every family’s routine, plus a fun way for kids to become engaged in their own health by applying the oils themselves. Please connect with our DoTERRA wellness advocate Dr. Missy Albrecht to learn more about supporting your child’s health naturally.

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