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What our clients have to say

“I cannot speak highly enough of Kelly Miller and the rest of the staff of Play Therapy Inc. Both my [children] have enjoyed, and benefited greatly from their therapy sessions with Kelly over the last year. Their appointments at Play Therapy have become a highlight of their week, and something they look forward to immensely. I have seen firsthand the changes in my [children], and will forever be grateful.” 

- Parent

“To say that I am thankful for Kelly Miller and Play Therapy is an understatement. My [child] has been seeing Kelly for the past few years and the growth he has experienced is tremendous. She has supported both my [child] and me as we have navigated through grief and helped us to develop skills and tools to cope with life’s many unexpected circumstances.”

- Parent

“I’m writing regarding Matt Canale. He worked with my [child] around supporting [my child] during a time when a lot of change was happening at home. He helped [my child] to learn how to regulate emotions, express needs, and have a safe place to process what [my child] was experiencing. Matt worked with [my child] through age-appropriate activities, communicated progress to me weekly, and I saw a drastic improvement in the way [my child] was able to understand and express emotions in a healthy way. [My child] became very connected to Matt, which is a testament to his loving supportive and safe space that he provided. We worked with several therapists but never before had seen such a connection as [my child] had with Matt. It has been over a year and [my child] still uses the skills that he taught and remembers Matt very fondly. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants real support for their children.” 

- Parent

“Hi Matt! We just wanted to let you know that since our last session with you, [my child] has been doing remarkably well!!! He has been going to school in person and he seems to be just fine. All those feelings of shame […] ….all those feelings are gone.

We’re so proud of him and honestly can’t believe how well he’s doing. 2 years ago was complete agony and we never thought life would ever go back to normal for him. You have been so amazing, an angel sent from God, to help him heal and love himself again.”

- Parent

“Kelly was exactly what I needed as a supervisor. She is incredibly knowledgeable, comforting, and caring. I’m very grateful for all the insights she shared with me.”

– SPT therapist, Mandy

“Kelly supervises with fierce knowledge, wisdom, and warmth. I feel comfortable to be vulnerable with her while she encourages me to reach further and dig deeper in practice and perspective.”

- Grace