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A Sugary Summer

Summer is full of fun, sun and lots o’ sugar. Routines are less strict and there are favorite summer time snacks readily available. You may have already noticed a shift in your child’s behavior: this could be due to the big transition of ending school, a more lenient schedule, or the increase of sugary sweets and treats. Whatever it is, being aware of what and how much sugar your kiddo is consuming could help with potential mood swings or increased hyperactivity. How to be proactive:
  1. Check out the ingredients on packages. Some fruit snacks say “healthy” and yet the first ingredient is sugar. Try substituting this snack with a piece of fruit or healthy fat (think: peanut or almond butter!).
  2. Notice what happens after your child (or you!) eats something sugary – what happens to their mood? Do they immediately want more? Do they experience a sugar crash? Start to get curious about how sugar affects you and your children.
  3. While we all love Capri Sun and Gatorade – they tend to be basically sugar and water. Try replacing sugary drinks with fruit infused water! Throw a few slices of oranges, strawberries or blueberries in your water. Get creative and create your own “specialty drink!”
  4. There are a lot of delicious fruits in season for summer, consider making your own snacks to replace those popsicles, s’mores and ice cream. You can make this a family activity and invite your kids to help you! My personal favorite are oatmeal-banana muffins.
What sugar-reducing tips or recipes work for you and your family? Leave us a note in the comments so we can feature your ideas our Facebook page!