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Everything You Need to Know About Telehealth

We created a series of videos outlining the most common questions about telehealth. We also provide information about how Play Therapy works over a computer screen. But, if you’re more of a reader, here is the breakdown. *Please note, we are offering BOTH in-person and telehealth sessions at this time. Call us to discuss your specific situation. * Topic 1: The Most Common Question Parents Ask About Telehealth:  “Is it ok for my child to start telehealth services with a provider we have never met in person?” – This is the most common question we receive about telehealth services and, yes, a connection and relationship with the therapist can begin over the computer screen. However, there are some nuances and exceptions to this rule. Therapy is not one-size-fits-all, so you can always call us and explain the situation to help determine if telehealth services are right for your family. For the majority of children, telehealth can be and is an appropriate means of Play Therapy. Watch Here Topic 2: How Does Play Therapy Work via Telehealth?  Some follow up questions we receive from parents are “How is my child going to play over a screen?” and “Are telehealth sessions as effective as in-person sessions?” Telehealth can be an incredibly powerful tool to help clients overcome challenges, but it is crucial to trust that a relationship and connection can happen over a screen. Our children are more inclined to build relationships through the use of technology than we might expect. Children are also naturally creative and they will find ways to play and let us look inside their world with the tools they have in front of them. What Kelly has found is that telehealth actually allows both the child and the therapist to be more attuned to who is on the other side of the screen and what has to happen for regulation and problem solving. Telehealth is a shift, but just as much healing can happen over the computer screen as can happen in person. If you’re hesitant, please reach out to us so we can answer any questions you have. Watch Here Topic 3: How Can Caregivers Help Encourage a Successful Telehealth Session? Erin goes over what you’ll need to set your child up for a telehealth session and some suggestions for a Play Therapy supply “basket.” Tips for setting up space for telehealth:
  1. Laptop or tablet
  2. Strong Wifi
  3. Headphones (encouraged but not required)
  4. Private Space (preferably alone with the door closed – you can even put a “Do Not Disturb” sign over the door)
  5. Caregiver nearby to troubleshoot any technical glitches or to provide assistance if needed in session
Suggestions for Play Therapy “Basket:” 
  1. Art supplies (Paper, pencils, markers, crayons)
  2. Toys/Stuffed animals (anything goes here: Lego, doll houses, cars, puppets)
  3. Sensory toys (playdough, fidget toys, squishy ball)
  4. Games or puzzles
  5. Anything special your child wants to bring to session!
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