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Handling High Intensity Meltdowns

  In this short, 5-minute parent coaching video Andrea lays out 7 tips to remember during a high intensity meltdown and they are probably not what you were expecting.
  • Make sure everyone in the environment is safe
  • Ensure you are grounded - think of the plane analogy
    • Andrea talks techniques so that you don't join in the "storm"
  • Shut down your words - Andrea explains what this means during a meltdown and why
    • Modeling instead of teaching
  • Orient yourself and your child to your surroundings
  • Orient yourself and your child to your bodies
  • Be in the moment - Andrea explains what part of the brain is activated during meltdowns and why this matters
  • Give yourself grace if/when you don't respond perfectly
If the intensity or frequency of these storms are too much or too often, please reach out to us for support.