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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday’s from all of us here at Play Therapy i.n.c. We know that this time of year can be full of wonder and excitement, and stress and chaos. Managing the holidays can be tricky so here are a couple of quick tips to spend more time enjoying and connecting.
  1. Remember to take time to yourself to reconnect. Go for a walk, exercise, yoga, journal, read, ect. When we take time for ourselves we refuel for all the giving this season requires.
  2. Keep in mind it is not about the stuff, it’s about time and traditions together. Money cannot buy love and memories.
  3. As children get out of school for the holidays continue to maintain some structure and routine. This will decrease anxiety and make the transition back to school easier.
  4. Plan for down time to just relax and catch up on rest for everyone. The hustle bustle of the season can lead to fatigue which leads to tantrums for all of us big and small.
  5. Be mindful to set realistic consequences for behaviors. This time of year, families often will make threats in response to challenging behaviors about gifts. If you are not actually going to follow through think of another consequence for behavior, or we have the potential to send mixed messages and can actually impact trust.
  6. Prepare your children for what to expect at family gatherings, events, and or other activities. Let them know who will be there, the rules/expectations, when you are going to leave, and what will be happening. This will help children feel prepared and know what to do, and less likely to flip out.
  7. Remind yourself that the holiday season is short and will be over soon, so take deep breaths and be in the moment.