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Happy New Year!

The holiday’s can be somewhat of a double edge sword. There is the joy and excitement of the season: spending time with friends, family, engaging in time honored traditions, and having some additional time off.  There is also the stress and rush of extra things on the to do lists, extra money being spent, feeling pressured to say “yes” to many activities/events, or see people because you ‘should’.  Often memories of loved ones no longer with us, or facing current challenges also become more poignant.  For many of us this magical time of year is often a mix of relaxing, enjoyable, and possibly even a bit overwhelming.  Regardless of your experience during the holiday season, it can be difficult to get back to typical routines of work and school.  Here are some tips for a successful transition into 2018.
  • Get back to your typical bedtime and wake up time.  If you and your kids have been staying up later and sleeping in later start to readjust your schedule by 15 minutes to work your self back to your typical schedule before the 1st day back to work and school.
  • Return to a healthy eating schedule and habits.  The holidays are often accompanied by lots of rich and sweet foods.  Begin to fuel your family with lots of greens, lean proteins, and extra water to rejuvenate your system.
  • Begin to review your child’s daily schedule of school. Help remind them of what happens in their typical day at least a day or two before going back to school. Consider organizing back packs and materials now so the day before returning or morning of isn’t so chaotic.
  • Give yourself and your children a little extended grace. Remind yourself that our bodies are flexible by nature but have difficulty adjusting to rigidity or sudden changes. If it takes a few days to return back to feeling yourself or your kids engage in some challenging behaviors for a few days allow some extra time and patience.