On the Go: Connecting Through Games

It's the start of the holiday season and for many of us that means packed calendars and busy schedules. To help you navigate this busy time, I sat down with the Play Therapy Connection team and posed a question:

"What are your top picks for games that families on-the-go can use to enhance the progress their little ones are making in the playroom?"

Our dedicated clinicians compiled a collection of games, each thoughtfully designed to foster a deeper understanding of your child and strengthen the bond between you, while boosting their confidence in everyday life. What makes these games even better is that they be easily packed wherever your adventures take you!

Talking Point Cards / Family Talk

This is a great kitchen table centerpiece, where you can choose cards from several different categories and go around the table and discuss. Don't forget to answer the questions yourself to model the same vulnerability and openness you desire from your children. Find the Talking Point Series or the Family Talk game here.  

Story Cubes

A creative game where you let the dice take you on an adventure you never would have thought of otherwise. This is great for our storytellers and dreamers. Parents, don't be embarrassed to lead the way and make up an outrageous story first to help your kiddos feel empowered to explore their own imagination! Buy them here.

Games on the Go

Designed for road trips, plane rides, or restaurants, this little pack provides 50 games that require no material and need only 2 or more players. Throw these in your suitcase or purse to lighten the mood or pass the time without screens.  Buy them here.   

Would You Rather?

This is a classic! Be as silly or creative as you want, but here is a great handout online to get your started.


If you are struggling with challenging behaviors or connecting with your child, please feel free to reach out to us so we can connect you to the resources that are best for your family.