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How Does Martial Arts Complement Play Therapy?

Matt Canale, LCP, Synergetic Play Therapist and recent Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu answers the question: "How Does Martial Arts Complement Play Therapy?" Matt explains how skills learned in Jiu-Jitsu can help your child integrate and practice the skills they are learning in the playroom. Specifically, Matt recommends Jiu-Jitsu to children struggling with self-esteem and anxiety issues. Jiu-Jitsu can integrate skills...[ read more ]

5 Breathing Exercises To Do With Your Child

Lindsey Boland, LCSW and Certified Synergetic Play Therapist, walks us through 5 different types of breathing exercises that we can teach our kids to help with regulation and grounding.

Handling High Intensity Meltdowns

  In this short, 5-minute parent coaching video Andrea lays out 7 tips to remember during a high intensity meltdown and they are probably not what you were expecting. Make sure everyone in the environment is safe Ensure you are grounded - think of the plane analogy Andrea talks techniques so that you don't join in the "storm" Shut down...[ read more ]

Discussing Divorce & Separation with your Children

A blog by Lindsey Boland, LCSW, Certified Synergetic Play Therapist Making the decision to get separated or divorced can be an extremely complicated, emotional and painful decision. On top of that, determining how to tell your kids can add even more anxiety and overwhelm for parents and caregivers. Kids, even those who are young, know when things are happening in...[ read more ]

Play Therapist Recommended Games

5 Games to Encourage Social/Emotional Health & Connection As a parent, I often wonder how I can create situations to teach my kids the social/emotional skills they need while helping them to integrate the information in a meaningful way. After speaking with all four of our play therapist practitioners, these were the games suggested to parents and caregivers to help...[ read more ]

How to Model Co-Regulation

We've all been there! Your child is upset he can't eat ice cream for dinner. Your dog peed on the rug. Your boss just called you last minute, letting you know a report is due at 8am the next morning. You just learned that your favorite heirloom from your grandparents was broken. You are about to lose it and your...[ read more ]

Creating Connection Important to You

Creating Connection Important to You   This year has been DIFFERENT. As the holidays approach this year the question is: What about the holiday season is important to you and your family?  Sharing stories Connecting with friends and family Sharing a warm meal Spiritual reflection Playing games Your unique family traditions What is important to your loved ones and your children...[ read more ]

Confessions from an Intake Coordinator

I remember my first call for help… crouched down in the corner of my closet while still hearing my child's screams from two rooms over. "Kelly, how am I supposed to do this?" It's been almost three years since I made that call and I'm now the person on the other end of the phone for Play Therapy Connection. I'm...[ read more ]

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy

  Many parents right now are wondering, "what is the best way to protect my child from COVID and other illnesses as they return back to school or into social situations?" At Play Therapy Connection, we are a big believer that immune system health begins with the gut. Eating healthy, whole foods can be used to stabilize the immune system...[ read more ]

Your FREE Parent Coaching Guide

Two weeks ago, we asked you to submit your parenting questions so we could answer via video and you definitely delivered! We had several questions submitted, and the videos we made include: How to encourage our children to adopt a more “go-with-the-flow” attitude Watch Here Addressing the meltdowns that come after “no” Watch Here Lessening our children’s anxiety during the...[ read more ]

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